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HERE'S A LITLE one-button golf game I first made in
The Games Factory, just before the turn of the century,
at the peak of my interest in gaminimalism.

I'm not especially fussed about real sports but I have
taken pleasure from some of the more... dramatised
computer and video game interpretations, like Pong,
Decathlon, Summer Games, Leaderboard, Kick Off,
Wii Sports...

I know from playing golf games that I can't be bothered
with the whole club selection thing and there's little joy
or skill in aiming (unless there's an uneven green or
the unpredictable element of wind involved); all I want
to do is focus on playing a shot. So, with that in mind...

                          • The golfer always faces the hole and uses the
                            most suitable club.
                          • You only need to apply enough power when
                            taking the shot. (There's no need for the likes
                            of a hook or slice penalty for applying too much
                            power, simply because there's inconvenience
                            enough overshooting.)
                          • Press and hold the left-hand mouse button to
                            increase the power of the shot.
                          • Hit harder when the ball is in a bunker.
                          • Avoid the water.
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AuthorGary Penn
TagsGolf, one-button
AccessibilityOne button