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THIS WAS the result of my efforts in the first ever Dundee Jam, which was held in
February 2008. The theme was 'Survive!' and I cobbled together Crumble! in
around seven hours using pen, paper and Multimedia Fusion 2.

Trapped! In the ancient Caverns of Despair!
Survive! For as long as you dare!
These crumbly old caves are falling apart.
The rockfalls never stop for long.
Take control of Mr Blue.
Avoid falling brown boulders for small points.
Collect yellow treasure for bigger points.
Collect 20 pieces of large treasure in each stage to complete it.

Click on the game to take control.

                    • Any Key = Start
                    • Arrow Left = Move Left
                    • Arrow Right = Move Right

There are only seven stages and the difficulty curve is steep (these are effectively
'key' stages and I didn't get around to 'tweening' them). There are a few bugs,
notably a rubbish one with scoring that may or may not manifest depending on
how far you get. Also, I know it can feel like the player toy is running away from
you, but you do get used it (and, anyway, the collisions are deliberately generous
in your favour because I wanted a feeling of panic and luck dodging a landslide).


                    • Don't move around too much; only move when you absolutely have to.
                    • Mind you, you can get really close to boulders without getting crushed.
                    • Don't worry so much about the small brown boulder fragments; they
                      are only included to add drama.