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THIS MINIMALIST version of Frogger was one of a series of experiments I
started but never finished towards the end of the last century.

I was consumed by the idea of reducing games to their most basic function
and form: the fewest and simplest rules, toys and moving parts; the simplest
interfaces; the most fundamental audio-visual qualities. I'd even left out core
ceremonies, which has a marked effect on punctuation and flow.

(That said, looking at F now I can see there's scope to go far more minimal
than I did.)

Some efforts (like F) were more successful than others (take my many painful
one-button variations of Space Invaders - please). For reasons I cannot recall
I also made a simultaneous multiplayer version of F (which was OK) and a
miniature monochrome (green-screen) version, which was tiny and so sweet
but tricky to play at that scale.


                    • Click on the application for focus.
                    • Use the left-hand mouse button or spacebar to jump forwards.
                    • You can only move in one direction, so timing is everything :)