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The return of the Gazmo IV Classique: an ancient TV game system that never was,
featuring four more games never released in the early 1970s. Accurately simulated,
warts and all, in glorious Monochromatique CRTVision, you can at last enjoy these
new old games only now revealed in all their fictitious reality.

                    • Target: How many times can you hit the target?
                    • Slalom: Be the ball and guide it through the hazards.
                    • Juggler: How long can you keep the balls on the move?
                    • Server: Survive an onslaught of balls for as long as possible.

Don't forget to turn on the console first!

(Oh - and I ought to mention that if you want to get back to the console from a game,
just left-click near the top of the faux screen.)

Find out more about the making of both Gazmo IV Classique consoles here...

Install instructions

APK updated to support Android versions 4.0 upwards.


Gazmo IV Classique 2.0.exe 1 MB
Gazmo IV Classique 2.0.apk 2 MB